The Experts in Tracing Individuals, Assets, Business Information, Social Media Intelligence and Online Investigations

Fast, Accurate, Reliable & Cost Effective Solutions

What We Do

i-TRACE360 for Individuals

Our leading trace services provide you with the latest contact details you need to reconnect with your customers, quickly & accurately.

i-TRACE360 for Asset Trace (Recoveries)

We understand that starting legal proceedings against individuals to recover losses can be expensive, with our in-depth Asset Trace Report we can identify if the subject is worth pursuing.

i-TRACE360 for Business Profiling

Our specialist Business Profiling provides you with intelligence on businesses (limited and non-limited) including directors and proprietors so that you can make informed decisions to protect yourselves from the threat of bad debt.

i-TRACE360 for Profiling

Our specialist Profiling provides you with intelligence on individuals that could assist and direct your decisions in a cost-effective manner.

About us

i-TRACE360 The Experts in Tracing Individuals, Assets, Business Information,
Social Media Intelligence and Online Investigations

i-TRACE360 is the most innovative tracing and open-source investigations company in the UK. We specialise in supplying our clients with actionable intelligence and provide solutions which can be relied upon. i-TRACE360 assists in a range of investigative areas from tracing individuals with whom our clients have lost contact, identifying assets that an individual may have as well as supporting our clients with business and individual profiling.

We are experts in tracing individuals, assets, business information and profiling. Our unique methods of interrogation of databases, social media, and open-source intelligence, means we can provide you with comprehensive superior intelligence in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Since inception i-TRACE360 traces, investigates and applies best practice and methods in accordance with all relevant legislation and regulations. This delivers confidence to our clients that any intelligence provided has been extensively analysed and lawfully gathered which can be relied upon as evidence in court.

i-TRACE360 turning information into intelligence

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