Individual Profiling

We provide individual lifestyle information, pattern of life & background information.

i-TRACE360 individual profiling is an intensive investigation service in which we can provide efficient and cost effective intelligence on a person’s lifestyle and pattern of life.

i-TRACE360 individual profiling is underpinned by our core services and provides full comprehensive investigation into individuals and their lifestyles, offering less intrusive investigative methods such as surveillance. This is due to our focus on the interrogation of any social media the subject may have,( including for any family members), deep-web searches and online intelligence combined with our searches of national registers. This gives you the full 360 investigative coverage, allowing us to deliver more up to date, accurate intelligence that can be used as evidence.

i-TRACE360’s profiling solution is predominately used by insurers providing insight into their claimant’s injuries, treatment, physical abilities, recovery, ongoing lifestyle, employment, background and in unfortunate circumstances, fatality reports.

i-TRACE360’s profiling solution is also being utilised by Human Resources Departments for long-term sickness investigations and pre-employment screening purposes. This ensures that they have a better understanding of their current employees’ absenteeism and that of any potential candidates. Letting Agents and landlords have also benefited from our pre-screening reports for better understanding of their potential tenants.

i-TRACE360 applies best practice and methods in accordance with all relevant legislation and regulations and does not breach any privacy laws.

i-TRACE360 investigations do not view or examine private social media accounts and never leaves any digital footprints.

i-TRACE360’s profiling operates on a no result no fee basis. i-TRACE360 can undertake a same day profiling and return new intelligence to you within hours.

To start your i-TRACE360 please email us at – all emails will be acknowledged within 24 hours.

For a same day profiling we would recommend that you call us on +44 (0) 330 133 0848

i-TRACE360 turning information into intelligence

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